Memories through Photo Emblems

This week’s post is focusing on a very unique type of emblem. One that is very affordable, one that can be created using either a photo or artwork and best of all, one that is impressive and will have your customers, or really anyone saying, “WOW, how do I get one of those?!”

Enter, the Photo Emblems®. This extremely unique and versatile emblem is created using a sublimation transfer process where photographs or artwork are reproduced photographically with unparalleled detail and color clarity. It’s also a fantastic alternative to screen-printing.

I am most impressed with these emblems because the replication of a photo or artwork is outstanding! It really does look just like its’ original form, but on an emblem. These emblems can be used literally anywhere! Just a few ideas…a family reunion using an old family photo and heat sealing it to t-shirts or hats or an avid fisherman wearing a picture of the first fish he ever hooked or his most prized catch on his hat.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions that you might have regarding the Photo Emblems or any other emblems, we are here to help! Until next time, have a fantastic weekend and stay warm!

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